GROUP OF YOUNG INVENTORS. IPOC 2016 Testimonials IPOC members share their experiences on how they became young inventors. (All testimonials are available in Dr. Cuero’s book How to Create to Excel: The Joy of Life, 2012). Juliana: Age she joined the Park: 19 Time at the Park: 6 years Inventions: 1 Fundamental change stems from turning theoretical scientific thinking into practical thinking and experimentation. The gap between theory and practice has narrowed as I exposed myself to scientific situations in which I have had to solve problems that directly led me to discover and develop technologies. This allowed me to more naturally and effectively handle the knowledge foundation I acquired through academia. Mariana Age she joined the Park: 16 Time at the Park: 6 years Inventions: 3 The first experience I had was overcoming the anxiety about what I was going to study at university—something that would give me all the tools I needed to succeed—and moving toward to the knowledge of universality when I joined the Park, as I came in contact with the fundamentals of creativity. This became my means for understanding that knowledge is singular, and that it does not matter what you study; creativity is the underlying tool for understanding the relationship between the foundations for everything that exists and applying them. Diana Age she joined the Park: 17 Time at the Park: 5 years Inventions: 1 The change from being in a methodical system like high school to being part of a creative process like at the Park is indescribable. I learned that each concept that I had memorized actually had a physical, tangible representation in reality, that real life was the marriage of each one of the materials that I had previously seen as individual systems. Gabriela Age she joined the Park: 21 Time at the Park: 6 years Inventions: 1 My first experiences at the Park were directly with Dr. Raul Cuero. This is a unique experience in which he brings us all up to speed and brings the best out in us as our mentor. Jhon Age he joined the Park: 19 Time at the Park: 6 years Inventions: 1 In my case, as a systems engineer, I know the theories of mathematics, statistics, and computer sciences, but it was only when I started at the Park did I realize that the math was limited and I had to rationally redesign and restructure it, as well as the computational concepts that I already knew. I never thought it was possible to make a neural model of certain things; it was Dr. Cuero who pushed me to move forward.